About Us

Our Vision

First Step Montessori House aims to be an institution to help every child take the ‘first step’ in the life-long learning journey to become a good citizen of the world.

Our Mission

First Step Montessori House nurtures children in a caring and conducive environment based on the Montessori approach with the help of dedicated and professional teachers, through guided self-discovery and concrete hands-on approach.

Our Beliefs

We believe that

  • The child comes first.
  • The early years of the child are important and his/her “First Step” has a crucial influence on the later development and learning.
  • Every child learns at his/her own pace and learning experiences should be pleasurable.

Our Classroom Setting

The Montessori Prepared Environment is simple, orderly and focuses on reality. It is important that the environment is well prepared. The physical arrangement of our classroom allows movement and more interactive learning. Children are given freedom to move about within suitable guidelines to enable them to act as part of the social group. Children are allowed to work with Montessori materials of their choice.

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